]> Witch of Git - ivy/shortlog
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Add tools/test.py as the project test runner develop
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[Docs] Mention run.py and trace.py in the README
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Format code
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Move ANSI color printing code into its own...
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Add tools/lit.py
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[Parser] Support code with trailing comments
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Make tools directly executable
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[tools] Add tools/run.py to compile and immediately...
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[test] Add a filecheck program
2021-02-07 Cassie Jones[NFC] Formatting
2021-02-06 Cassie Jones[rt] More misc fixes
2021-01-03 Cassie Jones[rt] Misc small cleanups
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Change is_<type> predicates to tag checks
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Change destructor decref to use immutable slices
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Split the runtime into multiple modules
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Make Obj variant padding explicit
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Improve memory ordering of incref/decref
2021-01-02 Cassie Jones[rt] Fix some FFI safety issues
2020-03-03 Cassie JonesAdd more notes to the README
2020-03-03 Cassie JonesRequire ivy_rt.a to be on the library path
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesAdd runtime trace debuggers
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesRename "program" to "fibonacci"
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesAdd support for some arithmetic built-ins
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesStop with #![no_std] in the runtime
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesAdd CFI directives
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesAvoid redundant loads in capture generation
2020-03-02 Cassie JonesLoad numbers directly instead of via stack
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesImplement variable capture
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesReduce stack traffic by finding loads through SSA
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesMake entry point symbols respect mangling
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesModify runtime symbol decoration
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesRemove unused ffi::OsStr import
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesAdd a compiler CLI
2020-03-01 Cassie JonesAdd an extensible framework for adding built-ins
2020-02-29 Cassie JonesImplement basic code generation
2020-02-29 Cassie JonesAdd skeleton of x64 compilation code
2020-02-29 Cassie JonesAdd the target-independent trans module
2020-02-28 Cassie JonesAdd a link to the etymology of the language name
2020-02-28 Cassie JonesAdd runtime library and example assembly
2020-02-28 Cassie JonesRemove assembly experiments
2020-02-28 Cassie JonesAdd memory layout docs and assembly experiments
2020-02-27 Cassie JonesAdd a pretty-printer for the AST
2020-02-27 Cassie JonesAdd support for globals which don't get captured
2020-02-27 Cassie JonesParse S-expressions into the abstract syntax tree
2020-02-27 Cassie JonesAn s-expression parser and an example program