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2022-02-07 Cassie JonesMake webrings sort by title blog
2022-02-07 Cassie JonesUpdate eleventy version
2022-02-07 Cassie JonesAdd friend webring stamps
2022-02-07 Cassie JonesAdd friends webring
2020-11-26 Cassie JonesFix some issues in the unification article
2020-11-26 Cassie JonesOptimize favicon PNGs
2020-03-24 Cassie JonesDon't use a local path for syntax highlighting
2020-03-09 Cassie JonesFix a missing argument in "Syntactic Unification"
2020-02-20 Cassie JonesYou don't spell "unify" as "uninfy"
2020-02-20 Cassie JonesClarify the first sentence of the unification post
2020-02-20 Cassie JonesUpdate some syntax highlighting
2020-02-20 Cassie JonesFix some small wording changes
2020-02-19 Cassie JonesAdd a section on the occurs-check
2020-02-19 Cassie JonesAdd anchors to headings, typography tweaks
2020-02-18 Cassie JonesAvoid calc(700px + 9em) in media queries
2020-02-18 Cassie JonesAdd syntactic unification post
2020-02-18 Cassie JonesUpdate copyright to 2020
2020-02-18 Cassie JonesFix broken Let's Encrypt link
2020-02-18 Cassie JonesWrite a post about how I do my Git hosting
2020-01-18 Cassie JonesHide animated GIF stamps if "reduce motion" is on
2020-01-08 Cassie JonesOops got the wrong URL
2020-01-08 Cassie JonesAdd the lightning talk video to "0x A Presses"
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesMore media card nonsense
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesDoes this make twitter cards work again
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesAdd wizardkicks.com to spicy coding alliance
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesAdd favicon
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesAdd STAMPS!!!!!!!!
2019-11-22 Cassie JonesAdd webrings code
2019-11-13 Cassie JonesTweak archive styles to prevent dates wrapping
2019-11-13 Cassie JonesStyle touch-ups
2019-11-12 Cassie JonesAdd tags to the data
2019-11-12 Cassie JonesAdd more footer links
2019-11-12 Cassie JonesAdd background color to images
2019-11-12 Cassie JonesAdd HTML minification
2019-11-12 Cassie JonesMinify inline CSS, move syntax colors to bottom of...
2019-11-11 Cassie JonesImprove .dim contrast
2019-11-07 Cassie JonesChange date formatter to fix timezones
2019-11-06 Cassie JonesSet a fixed date for all drafts
2019-11-06 Cassie JonesModify summary for "Modding Games and Freezing Fish"
2019-11-06 Cassie JonesAdd lots of empty draft files
2019-11-06 Cassie JonesAdd "Modding Games and Freezing Fish"
2019-11-06 Cassie JonesTemplate improvements
2019-11-03 Cassie JonesAdd aside shortcode
2019-11-03 Cassie JonesMake more mobile-friendly
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd some meta tags
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesRemove console.log
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesArchive polish work
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesEdit posts
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesStyle changes
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesImage messing
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesFix CNAME
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd publish script
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesPolishing
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd docs to gitignore
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd drafts
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd a blog post about rust 0x a presses
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd some posts from my old blog
2019-11-02 Cassie JonesAdd more page setup stuff
2019-11-01 Cassie JonesAdd basic eleventy setup