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descriptionA LÖVR game to play with with particles and compute shaders.
last changeSat, 1 Feb 2020 06:33:50 +0000 (01:33 -0500)

Particles :D

I've never used compute shaders before, and so I wanted to play with them since I had watched some YouTube videos about them, and LÖVR had a really convenient API for use them.

This uses Shader Storage Buffers for transferring particle data, and for simulating particle physics with compute shaders!

2020-02-01 Cassie JonesUse hand motion to influence particle motion develop
2020-02-01 Cassie JonesImplement compute-shader simulation of particles!
2020-01-31 Cassie JonesAdd basic compute simulation (disabled)
2020-01-31 Cassie JonesAdd velocities and padding to the particle data
2020-01-31 Cassie JonesRender lots of particles with SSBOs!
2020-01-30 Cassie JonesInitial commit, stymied by LÖVR bugs
3 years ago develop